About us

It is not our work life,
it’s our life’s work.



We are a green technology company based at the heart of innovation in Lausanne, Switzerland and Gothenburg, Sweden. We dream big. We aim at revolutionising the transportation industry by offering the most cost-effective and ecologically superior technology available to tackle and reduce air pollution.

We are proud to be a company who does things differently. We allow our customers to remain compliant with international and national regulations, while reducing their environmental impact. Together with our team of industry experts and the support of some of the largest energy providers in the world, we have the ability to transform the future of industries we work with.

Our values

Our leadership

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Business Development Manager

Director of Research and Development

Mechanical Design Manager

Technical Project Manager

R&D Power Electronics Engineer

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Chemin de la Venoge 7,
1025 Saint Sulpice, Switzerland
UID number: CHE-379.398.394
PCD number: 16648-5