SulPure: a next generation technology for exhaust gas purification

Our Solution / Value Proposition

In response to the air pollution generated by the global maritime industry, and in accordance with the tightening emission regulations (International Maritime Organisation Annex VI entering into force by January 2020, known as IMO 2020), Daphne Technology has developed SulPure.

product image
product image

Our product is an all-in-one, ready to install, turnkey solution for the shipping industry that simultaneously removes both SOx and NOx pollutants from marine engine exhaust gas.

The SulPure system purifies exhaust gas through three in-line stages: a pre-filtration unit, a patented nanotechnology purification unit, and a by-product collection unit.

First, a pre-conditioning unit passively removes particulate matters (PM)
Then, DAPHNE’s patented nanotechnology, simultaneously eliminates SOx by up to 99.3% m/m and NOx by 85% m/m from the exhaust gas, beyond the requirements of new international regulations.
In the third and final stage of purification, urea (or an alternative agent) is injected into the exhaust gas to neutralise acidic gases forming solid particles. The solid particles can then be recovered and optionally sold as fertiliser.
SulPure will allow ships to operate with the most inexpensive fuel available (residual fuel), producing considerable savings in operating costs.


Simple to install
Simple to install
Cost effective
No waste water
No discharge to sea
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